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Morgan House Wool Works Studio

Introducing Pam Carnochan

I am a girl from a farm and that lifestyle has shaped my entire existence. One of my earliest recollections is of a desire to have sheep, and I was also fascinated by the process of Watercolour painting trying to capture the landscapes around me in sketches and painting. It took some time to put my love of my hand dyed wool and my desire to capture the essence of the land in a pictorial form together in what I have called Watercolour with Wool. For me the wool is the most natural and real expression I can use to create my paintings and that is what I call them. They are done using the wool in fine washes of colour much like that of my watercolour paintings. The effect is very similar but with a soft texture.  

Watercolour with Wool, the Process

1. Love and care for my sheep
2. Shear them in the spring
3. Wash and dye the wool
4. Pick, Card and Wet Felt the background canvas
5. Needle Felt the painting  

The entire process takes about a year and in keeping with my farming background, I love that my process follows the seasons and tasks that come with living off the land. This connection makes my observance of the landscapes around me so authentic and true and I feel privileged that I can share my way of looking and living with the landscapes around me through my Watercolours with Wool.

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83 Morgan's Rd, Huntsville, ON P1H 1A2


Phone number

+705 380 2566

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